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The first landmark enterprise group won the title of Jiangsu Province
Countersea to adapt to the new normal play spirit of the Soviet Union
"Houde, Chongwen, industry, innovation" the eight character principle to build with new sushang spirit brands gathering places, and strive in a new round of global of technological revolution and the industrial revolution get development opportunities, develop to higher specification, stronger goal to promote overall economic situation in Jiangsu.
Recently held in Nanjing 2014 the sushang conference spirit of new sushang have further interpretation. At the same time, as the leader of Jiangsu Province, the new sushang spirit of a batch of representative enterprises in recognition of the general assembly. Among them, Sheng Hong was awarded the title of "Jiangsu Province, the first landmark enterprise".
In recent years, Jiangsu province has become the golden stage of rapid development, the major industries of technology, products, management, marketing, business model of exploration and innovation for the Jiangsu economic growth has made an indelible contribution. In the transition period of the enterprise, leading the new trend of our firm spirit, build powerful brand personality imperative. As one of the representatives of the Soviet Union, Hong Sheng in recent years formed industrialization, scale, benefit, intelligent modern industrial layout, and strive to maintain the enterprise innovation, the quality and efficiency of the economy, the transition brand and striving for three major advantages, actively adapt to the countries in the region economic development of the new normal, not only to create a new modern management mechanism, and in the industry, the courage to do set an example, actively innovation driven, high-end industrial transformation and mention optimization demonstration, won the industry a good reputation and the reputation, become the province and even the country has one of the typical enterprise of innovation driving qualification.
Current sushang Congress affirmed the sushang in market economy strength and superiority, and the spirit of the new sushang brought forward further requirements, deputy governor of the history of the peace in the General Assembly speech, said, at present, Jiangsu is facing is faced with a severe challenge from the shift of the growth rate, structure the pains of adjustment and transformation and upgrading of crucial period "three phase superposition, economic downward pressure increasing. In the transformation and development of a significant juncture, and vigorously promote the sushang enterprise innovation transformation, to enhance the overall quality and the comprehensive competitiveness of sushang, both to resolve the pressure of the economic downturn, only way to enhance the economic development momentum and vitality, but also to promote economic transformation and upgrading, and enhance the economic development quality and efficiency is an important starting point. In the face of the current situation. The Soviet Union have to firm the confidence, take the initiative to adapt to the development of the new normal, innovation, enhance the development of new power, practicing skills, spanning the globe, plan to expand the development of new space, advancing with the times, build sushang brand new image.

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