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National Development and Reform Commission Research Shenghong
March 11, the group headed by the State Development and Reform Commission Industry Coordination Department deputy director Lu Weisheng research to Shenghong group under the China at hi tech were investigated, research this year manufacturing industry business operation. Group Chairman Miu Hangen and other company leaders warmly received a line of research group.
Lu Weisheng, deputy director of the line to visit the country looked at the production plant, a detailed understanding of the situation of enterprise development. In the subsequent meeting of the forum, chairman Miao Hangen key reported enterprises, in production and operation, and introduces the corporate commitment to the realization of the chemical fiber production of intelligent management of the whole process, build the strategic direction of the smart factory. The next step, Sheng Hong Group will be firmly in the basic principles of unwavering industrial base, focusing on the development of Lianyungang petrochemical industry, to achieve the development of enterprises. The two sides also focus on issues of common concern, launched in-depth exchanges and discussion.
Assistant researcher industry coordination department deputy director Zhao Zhidan, Industrial Coordination Division, deputy director of DF, high technology industry department deputy director Zhang Zhihua, macro hospital industry Xu Jianwei joining survey, Jiangsu Province, Suzhou and Wujiang district development and Reform Commission responsible comrades, accompanied by research.

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