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Group received a number of honorary economic work conference in Shengze
March 20th, Shengze town economic work conference was successfully held in Shengze people's theatre. The meeting reviewed and summarized the economic work in 2014, and the emergence of the economic transformation and upgrading of advanced units in recognition.
In the past year, Sheng Hongzhong prominent industry to mention upgraded, pushing the innovation lead, seize the opportunities for development, was awarded the meritorious enterprise 2014 advanced science and technology innovation enterprises, 2014, energy saving and emission reduction in enterprises, and other advanced honors the year 2014 tax.
Group vice chairman Tang Jinkui in the subsequent exchange statement said, in the town of Shengze Shenghong group will accelerate the transformation and upgrading strategy under the guidance of sustainable mining industry potential, stronger optimization of fiber, printing and dyeing industry sector; and adhere to technological innovation, the development of intelligent manufacturing enterprises as a strategic focus, the new impetus of promoting the upgrading of the manufacturing industry the comprehensive promotion of science and technology, management mode of collaborative innovation, to create "smart factory", realize the integration of the two countries and the international community industry 4 strategic direction to a new pace; in the increasingly stringent requirements on the ecological environment of today, the company will focus on the construction of ecological economy, increase environmental protection facilities, eliminate backward production equipment to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction, new requirements, and actively fulfill new national environmental requirements.

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