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Sheng Hong shares were approved as the 2014 industrial brand nurturing demonstration enterprises"
On April 2, 2014 industrial brand cultivation demonstration enterprises list published, the nation altogether has selected 97 companies, Sheng rainbow shares through the development of brand cultivation activities, self evaluation report and other aspects of site assessment, ultimately selected 2014 industrial brand cultivation demonstration enterprise ".
Shenghong the "leading quality customized service to create a green environmental protection standards" as the company's brand cultivation management policy, the "for human to provide more comfortable, more healthy, more environmentally friendly life" as the brand mission, the combination of the quintessence of the culture and brand mission, formed with Sheng Hong characteristics of brand culture. Through the epidemic trend of fiber in China for four consecutive years the title released successful event held Shenghong shares fully demonstrated the technical strength of enterprises and brand value, greatly enhance the social public to Sheng Hong brand awareness, leading the industry trend, but also to promote the company's own brand construction. For local textile and cultural heritage, the company also launched the "Shenghong, dandelion" Textile Science of public activities, spread textile knowledge at the same time, further promote Sheng the spread of rainbow brand value, promote the "Sheng Hong" brand promotion.
The selected "2014 industrial brand cultivation demonstration enterprise", is of Shenghong establishment and implementation of brand cultivation management system accreditation, next, company will continue to enhance brand competence cultivation, improve brand cultivation performance, enhance competitiveness and brand value.

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